Europa Universalis II

Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Historical Real time

The definition of a proper medieval strategy

There are the strategies that are crazy hard to play, there are the ones that mess the controls, but otherwise create a great tactical and strategic environment, there are the strategies that shine at the graphical level but are messed up mechanically or the math behind them is not that well done. Well, there are so many ways to screw up these kind of simulation games and only a few that are conducive to a player experience that is genuinely enticing and not frustrating. And, within this very narrow band, for the lovers of medieval warmongering, Europa Universalis II is probably the best game to go into. The game shares many ideas with hardcore wargaming, but its presentation is real time, I'd argue is flawless, and universally appealing. That is because everything about the game is so straightforward, so intuitive. That includes the battle system (the math mechanic behind it) as well as graphically and design wise spotless. There are 140 nations to pick from, which also makes this game very diverse, and very intricate, though never overbearing. Play it, it's going to actually stick with you and to give you a good idea of what all good strategy games should be like. Along with the Civilization series it's one of my favorite strategies, the ones that I actually feel like returning into, for absolutely great, in depth play sessions.

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