Big Sea

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Empire management Fantasy Medieval Trade or management Naval

A steaming pot of strategy elements that dont coagulate

I wish this game had taken a good, long gander at the plethora of strategies, simulations of the economic type, tycoons and so on, maybe it would have learned something in the process. I mean, strategies with a center on economic interchanges were not rare by 94, heck, they were the primordial type of game that could be produced in the olden days, when graphics were scarce but when processors could handle mathematical tasks like a pro. Well, in Big Sea, you are supposed to manage the business of trading overseas, and the elements that enable you to do that are all there, but they simply don't come together to create a unique, engrossing experience, they just seem divorced from one another. It's just got too many elements, some which will remind you of SSI strategies, others that will just seem taken out of context from games of economic exchange that use them well enough. The graphics simply not matter when all is said and done because the simulation is such a trudge, when not broken. Want a sim that manages to create a great economic interchange game: see Patrician 2 and you won't be disappointed.

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