Evil Dice

Puzzle 2004 Windows Reflex oriented

Reflexes and strategy based, under the clock dice puzzler

In Evil Dice (and that name is quite revealing for what's about to come your way!) you have to match the dice faces (the numbers) with the dice the computer puts your way. But, unlike the version of the game played on board (yap, this is a board game adaptation) you are running against the clock. 3 minutes is all you've got to get as many scenarios done, and you can't advance until you've fixed your dice, all of them. This can be pretty hard, because, as in matching games but also as in slide tile puzzle games, reaching a certain position on the table under a certain number of moves, while landing on the right facet of the dice requires discipline, knowing how the dice faces are positioned, and also thinking on your feet. This is the kind of puzzle that gets easy in time, after you learn the tricks of moving them. So, for me, it's not really that much of a challenge in terms of strategy as much as it is a challenge in patience. But, I guess some will like it. At any rate, this Windows version of it looks alright, though, I guess, it could have offered more options to pre visualize your dices, to aid you in moving them. Ehh, well, I'll stick to my Dr. Doc puzzler and you can give Evil Dice a go if you like the premise. With puzzlers it's always a hit or miss, I guess.

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