Puzzle 2004 Windows 1C Company Brainteaser Reflex oriented Strategy

Controlling a ball at great altitude!

Balance is a game that took the ideas of the older title Marble Madness and took it into the modern age. Thus, while in the previous title you could race a marble through all sort of pseudo 3D environments, in Balance you get a ball that you need to control in the most dizzying of landscapes, at great altitudes. Your ball also has the ability to morph, and there are three versions of it: one that is made of wood, relatively heavy, capable of moving certain elements of decor around, a ball made of newspaper paper, really thin and lite, so that you can float it on air and get it to fall gently, but incapable of shifting any element in the game. And, last but not least, a concrete ball, super heavy, that can move the hardest elements around but also take a lot of effort to move about, especially to climb. So, given that I said that you need to move things around, that's the other thing of this game: you need to solve puzzles on the way, to advance, and, the faster you are at solving them, the more points you can get at the end of each round, points that will give you extra lives/balls. I kid you not, the game looks amazing, so much so that at times it can be a little dizzying, so play at your own expense. So, yeah, a great ball puzzle, beautiful phisics, beautiful scenery, and also lots of levels to go through.

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