Puzzle 2002 Windows Natomic Studios Reflex oriented Cartoon

Puzzler/sidescroller featuring a banana loving monkey! duuh!

In Bananarama you live for the bananas and the bananas live for you! What the game asks of you is that you collect those bananas which, as expected can be quite hard to reach at times. The game plays as a sidescroller, and the catch is mostly reflex and speed based, but also, at times, the challenge is in knowing which banana to pick up and which to leave. The game is skill based, and your monkey is going to gain a new skill every other level; but don't be too happy about it, with new skills come new challenges, so the game gets harder. Anyway, what I first thought to be a less than enticing, cereal box type game, turned out to be quite an engaging platforming puzzler. Graphically it's got that cheap looking plastic feel to it, but as long as you can turn a blind eye to it, you won't be disappointed, gameplay wise. So do try it, and, to add more variety to your play session, give Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch a look as well, it shares a similar gameplay recipe and that very same type of graphics, plastic looking but alright.

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