Diggers 2: Extractors

Puzzle 1995 Dos Dosbox Millennium Interactive Lemmings variant

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Graphically advanced and very detailed digging game

The digging game genre has been explored thoroughly, with lots of titles to consider out there. But it is quite rare to find one that is as good looking at this one. It's the beautiful textures, the more varied gameplay and the more suggestive views that the game creates. The camera distance is not as close to the player, so you an also see a lot more of the mines and tunnels you dig. This allows you to have a more strategic thinking and to consider the game in another manner, making you use different skill sets as well. Furthermore, the controls are excellent; the way the game uses some background animations that don't affect the game, superfluously, just for the beauty of it takes the cake for sure. Give this game a try if you like digging games, as this one is one of the most good looking, beautifully drawn ones you'll ever see. But not only that, but the game also makes use of a host of other things to advance itself and to produce really interesting gameplay results, that draw you in even more.

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