Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox InterQuest Productions Lemmings variant Humorous

Lemmings... but with hamsters!

Hamsters, it seems, in this game are suicidal as well! And therefore, a smart, fast to act individual has to take the lead and show them to the exit of each level without having them commit mass suicides just because they follow one another to the end! Yep, just as in Lemmings, Hamsters has a load of things to offer, but for the most part it is the kind of game that is just about reacting fast, using the right kind of sign/platform mouse, and then just looking at your hamsters go their way. There may be casualties, but generally, it is good to have your hamsters alive in as huge numbers as possible. Which later on, as the levels become faster and with fewer kinds of commands, it takes a while. But it's always doable, even if at times you just want to put your hand on screen, and have the hamsters walk on your palms! Graphically, Hamsters looks nice, certainly not as good as Lemmings; it just wears its freeware clothes pretty neatly, which is the best thing about it. So, have it in your collection, Hamsters won't disappoint, for sure!

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