All New World of Lemmings

Puzzle 1994 Dos DMA Design Building Lemmings variant

Classic puzzler but little new to be found

For those players who have never encountered the charms of the Lemmings series, this is the perfect introduction, although for old hands it might feel a little too familiar. The basic idea of the game is simple, like a more advanced form of Chu Chu Rocket, and remains largely unchanged: guide your cute and spiky haired lemmings through a series of complex environments using various commands, while trying to minimise losses. Skills include digging, jumping, climbing etc and are accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon or by collecting them in-level. Changes over previous versions include new obstacles and alterations to the skills and the way they are accessed but they don't really add a great deal to the game, which may disappoint some fans. However, the challenge and the fun still remain, and are provided by having so many individual elements to keep track of at any time. It does get hectic when you have multiple lemmings all wandering around trying to do their own thing and finding the best route to the exit can be pretty tough. Graphics are fairly basic, but the lemmings are undeniably charming and full of personality and it is easy to get attached to them. While there is little new here, the concept is a classic, and for fast-paced puzzle action which has inspired the likes of The Humans series, this is hard to beat.

Drive those blue haired little men

The Lemmings game series is a prime example of how stressful a game might get as you progress. This Lemmings episode play like the classic Lemmings, but has a simplified gameplay, meaning that you have fewer commands to give to the little people. There's a huge variety of stages and there are three themes: the classic theme, an Egyptian theme and a Shadow theme. These different themes mostly change the appearance of your Lemmings and the layout, but the gameplay remains the same. The graphics look okay, the animations on the Lemmings are good and the sound is nice. The simplified gameplay is an option of making the game easier for new comers.

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