Puzzle 1993 Dos Millennium Interactive Lemmings variant Strategic scope

Boulder Dash and Lemmings combined!

Diggers is a fun, retro cartoonish game that has a recipe derived from two sidescrolling puzzle tinged games; Boulder Dash and Lemmings. Your goal is to dig your way through the subterranean caverns and make sure that your team of creatures doesn't get lost, lost by way of subterranean perils or baddies. It's a game where you kind of have to think ahead; find the right trajectory, know how to work around the baddies that are scattered around, and just get to the exit in time. It's fun, well produced, well executed, and, furthermore, it's a very fun experience, one that truly shines, in ways that will remind you of classic spelunking games. Graphically, I'd say it's on par with some of the early Lemmings games maybe even with an added dash (sic!) of better graphical detail. It' works, nonetheless, and because with each level the game becomes harder and harder, you can keep on playing for long hours, the game sure has a lot to offer. Sure, don't expect something too original; after a few levels it kind of gets repetitive, but then again, this is the recipe and it is delivered well enough. So have a go at it!

If you want to get rich, you have to get your hands dirty

This is a complicated game that mixes puzzle and strategy elements into one. You live on a planet where there are four races, all after gems and fortune for different reasons. They all want to dig them out and become the richest man in the world! Your job is that of a digger supervisor of a team of ambitious diggers. Just like Boulder Dash, you and your team must dig tunnels to find gems, but there is much more than that. And, just like in Lemmings, they do nothing until you say so. You have to plan very carefully and organize your team on where should they go and dig because you have to avoid other diggers that are also after the same thing as you and hostile underground creatures that can be a problem. This may be harder than it seems. I found the game a bit complicated and not much interesting because the control system is a bit clumsy. If you have the patience to get the hang of the weird controls, you may even like the game. The thing is, the game didn't keep me long enough to put an effort. The game looks and sounds really good, and the premise and objective is quite interesting.. But the playing itself is less than great. That is not that the game shouldn't be tried out, by all means it should, just don't get high hopes, just to be safe.

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