Fairy Nights

Adult 2000 Windows Milky House Hentai Bishoujo

Average at best

This is actually the sequel to the Legend of Fairies and like its predecessor, it's another adults-only interactive novel which is actually a little tamer than some of the more extreme examples of the genre. As such, it's certainly worth a look if you're a fan of Do You Like Horny Bunnies? or Virgin Roster. The original game told a rather bizarre tale involving fairies, a battle-mahjong player and a modern day private detective who gets caught up in the machinations of an evil organization. It's probably best if you have played the first game, as most of what goes on here is directly related to it so if you haven't you will likely be a little lost. Here, the PI hero must return to the world of the fairies with his two new friends or face losing them forever, but it turns out that the evil organization is not actually defeated so it's time for the detective to discover his true destiny... What follows is a fairly entertaining and typically bonkers Japanese tale, and which is heavily influenced by mythology. As it's an interactive novel, you essentially read along with the story in your own time, then make the occasional decision at certain points as to how the narrative unfolds. Everything is accompanied to manga-style images to bring some atmosphere to things and which part of the appeal of such things. As these things go, this is pretty average stuff. The images are quite pleasing, while the content is more titillating than outright porn, and the story is reasonable at best. Perhaps one for hardened genre fans only.

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