3 Sisters' Story

Adult 1996 Dos Dosbox Jast Hentai Bishoujo

A story of revenge. And sex.

You are Koichi and after having lived around 20 years of your life in a peaceful environment, you discovered who was the person that ruined you father. This game is about revenge, mixed with probably the best of the hentai pictures over there. That's the reason why it's quite famous between hundreds of games like this (bishojo). Known as Sanshimai in Japan, it was made by Jast, that is the top software house producing games of this kind. Going back to the plot, after discovering who this man is, you will enter in his family's life renting an house next to him. He has 3 wonderful daughters, three sisters, which will seduce you along the story is progressing. Of course, those are not the only ones you will meet (there is a very very gorgeus teacher...). The ending of the game could change, based on the choices you will make, so, there is a bit or re-playability (not as much as True Love game), but the main reason you will like this game is the quality of pictures, that so far, is still one of the best ever.

Just an excuse to see good manga pictures

The first hentai game I ever played. Really awesome, if you like manga it will be a worth downloading and playing it. Your characther will be a high school japanese student who is involved in so many erotic situations... with his schoolmate, their sisters, amazing teachers and nurses. The plot is not really interesting, but, if you are looking for bishoujo game to play, this is nice enough, at least for the pictures it has.

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