ADAM: The Double Factor

Adult 2001 Windows Himeya Soft Hentai Bishoujo

Adults-only adventure

It's time to take a dip into the bizarre world of Japanese adult games, in this bonkers sequel to the original EVE burst error. The first game was very much an exercise in style over content, with a lot of very explicit sex scenes in a pretty complex plot, but not a lot of actual gameplay, and this sequel largely continues in the same vein. This one takes place two years after the end of the earlier story, which involved a detective investigating a mysterious murder, and finds the same characters once again caught up in some strange goings on. As one character, you'll be investigating some weird murders and as the other you'll be the bodyguard for the president, and as the story unwinds, you'll find their paths crossing and taking them deeper into a complex conspiracy. The gameplay is generally quite similar to the previous game, being a sort of interactive text adventure but without the puzzles of Western titles like The Pawn, instead requiring you to examine environments and interact with the various characters that you'll meet. ADAM is probably not for everyone, due to the lack of anything approaching overt gameplay but if you value storyline over interactivity (and don't mind getting caught up in explicit situations) then this might be for you. It's got a fairly nice, slick Japanese art-style, with lots of spiky-haired, cute characters, and some well drawn backdrops, while the main draw, the storyline is actually quite gripping, with lots of twists and turns. Not a must play by any means, but curiously engaging.

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