Adventure 1989 Dos Multimedia novel Puzzle based

Turn based, text based RPG; interesting mix

Fallthru is a multiplayer ready role playing game that works both turn based, but also is delivered solely in text. The other cool thing about it is that it can be played in tandem with three heroes, working towards the same goals or against one another. You would think that delivering all this in text mode, with no graphical aid would make the game progression slow and at times incomprehensible, but truth is, Fallthru doesn't suffer from this issue. The text and the prompts are well produced and so you never really struggle to know whom to play with or against, at your next move. Thus, Fallthru is an interesting blend, and quite a unique game. Also there are about 1500 instances to run through, so it is also very long, and if you like the text based idea behind it, it might even prove a go to game for you. However, while some of these locations are interesting, there is also a whole lot of barren lands, that you can only traverse, but, otherwise, it's a fun experience. Else, if you'd prefer an epic journey RPG, with graphics, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is the kind of experience that will give you the same blend of mundane and exciting, in a really large world.

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