The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

RPG 2002 Windows 1C Company First person Action based Medieval Adventure

Sprawling, diverse RPG, with some issues

Let's start with the issues in this one, before we move on to the thing that set Morrowind apart and put it on a pedestal. The game features a dialogue interaction module that doesn't act like your regular question and answer RPG dialogue screen. Nope, in this one you see what your interlocutor is saying (no sound, except on rare occasions) and you have links within the text, words that can be clicked. This makes it hard to keep track of your discussions and also takes the fun out of chit chat and banter. Plus, for someone who suffers form a bit of neurosis, that has to click all the hotspots, dialogues, or well this parsing thing that gets sold as dialogue soon becomes tedious. Second on the problems list is the module based production of the world, which means that while the game world is big and free to explore, it is never too inviting, as you'll mostly get one and the same kind of thing, over and over again. Third, your character seems a bit floaty, unencumbered, as if he has no weight and no momentum. However, have the patience to stomach all these flaws (and the many glitches and bugs the game has, save often just to be on the safe side!) and you'll get a pretty decent, diverse RPG, the first modern title in the Elder Scrolls series. There's loads of quests to try, loads of characters, loads of items and weaponry and secrets as well. It's a very Elder Scrolls title, and later titles will mostly just polish the experience. Plus, there's still (2014!) a community around the game, and you can get the game to a state where it is much more smoother and much more interesting and easy to play. Definitely worth a go.

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