Castle Adventure

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Kevin Bales Multimedia novel Puzzle based

The typing of the ... wait a minute!

I didn't think this under one megabyte game could pack so much fun in it, insert swear word of choice here, and also, that it could get so intense but be entirely made of ASCII symbols! Well, I guess you can get your mind blown by oldies as well, and this one sure did it for me. That's because it promised so little when I started playing, just a sort of oldie RPG with lots of exploring. But, what made it for me is the combination of real time RPG with your commands that are all lifted from text based adventures, and, thus are text based as well. But, wait for it, you don't get a heads up or time to think about a solution to a problem, nope the game keeps running as you keep typing and so there is a sense of urgency and the sense that you should have learned to type without staring at your keyboard, hehe, especially when you are under attack and instead of writing your correct command you've just made this little mistake and the parser did not understand what you were asking it to do! Oh, that I call survival adventure! Anyway, expect ASCII graphics; expect really simple adventure/RPG elements and more than you thought you were bargaining for! Alternatively try the never aging original Rogue if you actually enjoyed this bygone era weirdness!

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