Far Cry

Action 2004 Windows Crytek Studios First Person Shooter Modern

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What Half Life started Far Cry expanded

Far Cry doesn't get as many mad props as it should, mainly because story wise, and well, diversity wise, it wasn't as able and capable as Half Life. However, make no mistake, this game too had managed to push the envelope for first person shooting and not in a forgettable, or minor way. Nope, what it did was to bring forward open ended gameplay, based on actual intelligent AI. The opponents in this game, at least the human ones will use higher level tactics to make sure they have you cornered, especially on the higher difficulty settings. The open, free roaming aspect of the game, at least in certain areas is conducive to actually trying to flank your enemies especially on the more open and larger areas of the game). Also, graphically, Far Cry had pushed the envelope quite a bit, as it could draw at very high distances, of you had the right hardware and the scenery, while not entirely destructible had quite a few objects that could be torn down. Also, another great thing about this game was its included Cry Engine level creator and scenario creator, which came very in handy for modders, many of which cut their teeth in this game and would later go on to actually make games of their own. So yeah, more of a technical achievement kind of game, Far Cry is nevertheless highly playable, the game that had planted the seed and the idea that first person shooters could easily have free roaming bits and actually intelligent, non scripted AI.

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