Fast Attack

Simulation 1996 Dos Sierra On-Line Naval

Very realistic and challenging, lots of bugs

Fast Attack is an extremely realistic sub simulation (like Aces of the Deep) that would me light years better if it weren't for the cancer of all games - bugs. The game is pretty buggy and can crash frequently, so better to mention that right at the start, to get that through. As I mentioned, the game's best feature is the immense realism. You don't have a map unless you have a satellite up or a sonar. That's just one example of the realistic atmosphere you get with the game. If you are confused about the game's interface, control or general gameplay, don't worry. There are a few tutorial missions that teach you about the game and you can set the difficulty level to your skills. Another bad (or good?) feature is the fact the session lasts for two hours real time. So, if you want to be successful, you have to hurry it up. Along with the fast paced action and immense realism, the game will put a lot of strain on you, so be prepared for that. But still, the fun and excitement you get in return are well worth the effort. Enjoy!

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