Subwar 2050

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Microprose Naval Action Fpp Strategy Sci fi

Cool action game under the sea

War in the ocean abyss is the kind of reality that the Earthlings of the 2050 have grown to be accustomed to. As the land has proven not enough for the growing population, and as the world has become engulfed in war, even down at the bottom of the ocean is not safe from war. And thus, you get to be a pilot for the corporations that have grown to control the undersea. The game is thus more of a straightforward action one rather than being a strategy. However, the story makes every mission seem more important and gives it a certain feel of urgency. Sure, it's the story that is delivered at the beginning, and nothing else as you go on, but knowing what lies at stake in the game is enough to keep you entertained. Graphically, Subwar 2050 is pretty cool also, interesting and well produced and has a great variety of missions, even if most are about finding your enemies and proceeding to destroying them. So, play it, along with something like Strike Commander, which is somewhat similar to it.

For an amazing underwater game play

If you love games where your job is to save the world, then this classic submarine game is exactly what you need. You get to play as a young and dynamic submarine pilot who first goes through different levels of training. Here you have to control subs and perform different missions in the water and counter sea creatures. The underwater creatures, terrains, cliffs, and the subs graphics are designed very neatly. It really feels like living in a submarine while playing this game and this has a lot to do with the graphics and the well drafted missions. There are many exciting control options on the dashboard and the deeper you dive into the water the screen gets darker and exciting. View options here include, subs chase view, enemy view, full screen mode, and weapons view and fly by. You also get to trade in characters with your coins and accomplishment of a mission gets you to win reward coins and new graphics. You have all the control options on the dashboard and have the underwater war tactics to use. Every mission unveils new options which make the game play even exciting. Also try Sub Culture which tags with same theme and many exciting options.

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