Leisure Suit Larry 7

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Sierra Humorous Multimedia novel Puzzle based Mature Content Point and click Puzzle

Last of Larry games

Leisure Suit Larry, is another installment in the controversial (yet popular), Leisure Suit Larry game series that has been continuing for years. It is just a humorous take on a middle age guy who is a sleaze bag. In most of the situations the women are taking advantage of Larry and you must play mini games throughout the game. The gameplay is an adventure style game by Sierra. It reminds me a bit of the gameplay of The Secret of Monkey Island, except for the particular kind of humor. The game's graphics are a lot better, than the earlier DOS pixelated series of Leisure Suit Larry, with animated cartoon cut scenes. The game's plot involves Larry being dumped and tied up by his last girlfriend from the last game. He sets his apartment on fire, when trying to to untie himelf. So basically he Larry decides to take a cruise on a ship that happens to be populated with really several girls along the adventure. Enjoy.

Demi Moore parody

Probably the room most exciting is when Larry play with the parody of "Demi Moore" playing with dices... Well, let's start from scratch describing when Larry catches this big ferry and starts for a long long cruise. Yes, in this episode our hero (is it correct calling him hero??) will stay in this great cruiser meeting very beautiful girls. You know how Larry is, always there, almost reaching his goal... and something wrong happens! Very good game to download and play.

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