Flight Light

Simulation 1996 Dos subLOGIC Flight Civil

Not recommended for beginners

Flight Light is a flight simulator developed and published by subLogic. While not one of the most realistic flight sims ever released, Flight Light is still considered to be a considered a decent flight sim game. Most like in Flight Simulator, your only task is to fly around with a Cessna jet. Die hard fans will surely enjoy the experience of the game, however it's the beginners or newcomers that will have most trouble with the game due to the fact that there are a lot of things that need to memorized. To prevent the game from becoming boring, Flight Light offers some challenging flight assignments for which you would be ranked for. The game also comes with a manual to help out the newcomers to the genre, for there are some things that cannot be learned during gameplay without causing the plane to crash. The graphics and sounds in the game are equally decent. Overall, Flight Light is a decent flight simulator, however it's mostly recommended for the hardcore fans of the genre.

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