Microsoft Flight Simulator v2.0

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A welcome upgrade

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0 is the second version of Flight Simulator brought to us by subLogic. While the first game was fun for its time, the developers have thought to upgrade the game a bit. While the the second version wasn't different from the first one, they did upgrades to a greater detail and created a more precise simulation experience overall. Now, in MSFS 2, we have scenery modeled after the United States, Hawaii, Japan and a part of Europe, however the locations of the airports were limited to the same locations from the previous version. The controls feels the same like in the first one and user interface of the airplane's cockpit remained the same, but this time with VGA graphics. The sound effects were quite good for its time and the graphics, as I said, were upgraded and given a new look. Overall, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0 is a welcome upgrade over the previous one, even if not many things have been changed or improved.

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