Solo Flight

Simulation 1985 Dos Dosbox Microprose Flight Civil flight

Old and barely playable, a true flight game relic!

Man, oh, man, I wonder if anyone playing this game back in 85 found it...high tech! hehe, I guess it might be possible, given that 90 percent of all games were minimalist mostly text based products, within that kind of umbrella I guess it must have stood out. But from a serious perspective, the game can barely hold its breath today, it's almost atrocious to look at let alone play. So, you know that DOS, early DOS color scheme thing, right? Where every game had to have a bit of purple! And not any kind of purple, the very high contrast magentas, that only a colorblind person would actually find palatable! Well, the sky in this one is that kind of magenta pink purple! Imagine, you'll be starting that that abominable color for 99.99 percent of the time! Not me, no thank you, I'd rather build a paper plane and go about playing with that. Plus, say you can get over the colors, or thank almighty, you have an original sepia or black and white screen only. Well, then you'd be set, because Solo Flight would look alright, but still frustrate you with awful controls, the most minimalist of minimalist map details and wholesome boredom! Yep, it's not a game to go for, not even for hardcore players of oldies. Play it only if you really, really want magenta afterglow tainting your peripheral vision for an entire day after you've tried it!

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