Flight Unlimited

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Let's go flying

Similar to the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this is a civilian flying sim that makes a very relaxing but highly absorbing alternative to F-29 Retaliator and Falcon. It's got all the detail that fans demand, plus plenty of aircraft to try your hand at as well as some lovely scenery to fly over, so basically it's got just about everything you want in a civilian flight sim. The game offers would-be pilots a good selection of planes to try out, including a Bellanca Decathlon, a Grob S-103 and a Pitts S-2B, each of which handles very differently and which offers a good variety of challenge to fly. If you've never flown before, you're best off starting out with the extensive series of lessons which take you through all the basics, from taking off all the way to landing, and everything in between, and once you've mastered them all, you can give the acrobatic missions a try. These are highly challenging, but a lot of fun, and they require pitch perfect control and concentration to complete. The scenery you get to fly over is all very detailed and based off real-word data, thus giving the game a highly authentic and very believable feel and which adds immeasurably to the atmosphere. As far as civilian flight sims go, this is pretty much top of the heap. The level of detail, in the visuals and the recreation of the complexity of flying, is impressive, especially when compared to other contemporary titles, so as long as you don't need the thrills of aerial combat, this is about as good as it gets.

Sandbox and great for relaxed play sessions!

Flight Unlimited doesn't get caught in no war or commercial flight theme, just as the name suggests, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it as long as you don't expect the game itself to offer you a lot of hints of what it is that you should be doing. Thus, Flight Unlimited is the kind of deal that you will really love or hate, as it doesn't impose nothing on you. Instead it offers you 5 different planes, a Sukhoi, a sailplane, a decathlon and a few others and a chunk of maps that are alright, at least at medium to high altitudes. Get closer to the ground and, well, the bitmaps begin to lose their quality a bit. A joystick surely makes the whole game more enjoyable, and, also, more laid back, as you can just control with one hand and just relax, enjoy the scenery. A great game, in my case, for total relaxation. I just put one an album, minimize the sounds of Flight Unlimited and have a good relaxing 20 minutes, 30 minutes or until my record is over of play Yeah, I could do the same with Microsoft Flight X but Flight Unlimited surely doesn't require as powerful a PC as that one, to run smoothly.

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