Racing 2002 Windows Design Tool Driving

Nope, you wont be racing tower PCs, but formula1 racecars!

FormulaPC is a remake of a really obscure little title, not even a PC, arcade or console game, but a board game, which used to simulate the strategic portion of Formula One racing. The game follows the ideas of the original turn based cardboard support game, as it can accommodate up to 6 players in total, be them humans or 5 PC based ones and you, the player. The idea is that each player controls an F1 team, and this control means taking turn based shots in each round. There are qualification rounds, there are pit stop rounds, there are the actual race rounds, and, while all of them depend on the roll of the dice, the strategy used is the one that differentiates between the team, the winners and the losers. The game also allows you to create your own tracks, logos and other graphical elements which can be imported as bitmaps. The game is not dissimilar to other dice based board games, as each roll of the dice dictates the number of squares within the circuit you can go, during qualifications and during the other phases. Of course the pit stop is different, as it is calculated differently (in regard to the speed of the changing of the tires and of refueling) while there are also cards and some other elements that turn this into a turn based actual confrontation of strategists. A weird tabletop recreation nonetheless, maybe interesting as a party game for F1 aficionados. For the rest of us maybe a digitized version of the Settlers of Catan would make more sense though!

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