Street Rod 2

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Bet, race, win, upgrade; and then repeat!

Street Rod 2 is an arcade like racer, in which, like in some of the Need for Speed games, you will play against your opponents, will bet, and if you win you gain money. With the money you can buy new components for your racer and thus have better chances of winning the next competitions, or you can even buy entirely new vehicles. Graphically Street Rod 2 is a bit of a cacophony of very colorful, neon sparkling cars and some of the interface elements, which look much less nice, and quite out of place at time. The atmosphere of the game is one of street racing and illegal activities, and therefore, those that love this kind of perspective will rejoice. The other ones are more likely to notice the very small number of tracks that the game provides, which are all in all only 5. At least the type of races included offer you drag racing and classic racing. But, as these games often do, you stand to win your girl plus money and fame, so it sure is worth it! Controls wise and vehicles behave well enough, grated, for an arcade game, but don't expect a remarkable experience.

Return of the race king

Street Rod is a sequel to the great racing game Street Rod and it's not very different from its predecessor. In this game, you play the kid brother of the hero from the last game. You have 1200 dollars and want to make the same successful career as your big bro and you set out to conquer the racing world. The gameplay and plot are largerly the same - as before you buy cars and car parts from the newspaper, win races and buy some more cars and car parts. Sreet Rod 2 features more cars and more car parts to buy and upgrade. You also have to buy fuel to run your car. One more special thing is that Street Rod 2 features only American Muscle Cars, specifically those from GM, Ford, and Chrysler. This game is more realistic and has much improved graphics than the last, and it also hasn't lost any of its good qualities. It is still exciting and dynamic, still has that old timey love for cars and is still strong in the lesson that, to maintain a good car, you have to know it like the back of your palm and you have to love it like your own child. A perfect game for manly car lovers.

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