Gearhead Garage

Racing 2000 Windows Activision Design Tool Driving

Perfect for car enthusiasts, but not so special

Gearhead Garage: The Virtual Mechanic is a 2000 game published by Activision, a company with a high reputation due to its outstanding activity and its innovative vision. This game is perfect for car enthusiasts, because you have the opportunity to repair and customize (paint, add parts, and so forth) vehicles whatever you want to. Beside this, you can buy or sell them. I have to complain about something, and that is the inability to drive the cars after you tune them, in order to test their performance and functions. But I guess that is why Need for Speed or Colin McRae Rally were made, right? The graphics could have been a lot better, since the interface isn't complex and doesn't present a whole world that requires details and visual effects. So, I guess the producers should have worked a little harder in this area. But despite this, Gearhead Garage offers what a mechanic needs, virtually, of course. I found the sounds annoying, because I was tired of them repeating over and over, even if they are good and make you feel as you are in a car shop. The gameplay has an educational purpose, because you will learn a lot about the vehicles, about their parts, elements and functioning. This game is fun, but after a while, you will get bored.

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