Ford Simulator 3

Racing 1992 Dos Dosbox Ford Motor Company Design Tool Driving

Simple in graphics and simulation and relaxing

The third game in the Ford Simulator series does not depart from the lessons its brethren taught: it has a large host of cars, all manufactured by Ford (at least the ones that I have seen), it has a feel good set of graphics, that are neither too realistic, neither too cartoonish. The color scheme might leave some wanting for more, but overall, the game will not disappoint. It is however not going to give you a very entertaining experience, especially if you are seeking thrills. Most of the cars do not go too fast. Thus, if you are not in for a leisurely ride, you might want to try some other racers that are much more aggressive. No, in this game, you will be spending a lot of time test driving the vehicles. Some portions of them are designed true to the real model, to the extent that this was allowed by the game. So, that is what to expect, a game in which you play for the relaxing, Zen value of the experience, not to give your adrenaline glands a rush. But, again, if you want to play a more vivaceous game, this won't do.

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