Fortune Teller

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Get your future foretold, with this interactive text based sim!

Who needs to go to a modern witch's shop nowadays, eh?! When you have this perfectly functional, just as accurate fortune foretelling software, that seems to know more about you and your future than you ever could! Well, this sim showcases with its black screen and smart texts that what you need to know in order to foretell people's futures is a bit of common know how, a good idea about human nature and to spout general things, that apply to everyone. The thing is, that the software has a good database of personalities, and so, based on your answers, it will tell you what you can expect, given that you're interested in in knowing what your future holds. Sure enough, the text based interactions might not be as easy or as inviting as they must have felt in the mid 80s, but heck, knowing your future sure is worth some pain and sufferance, innit? At any rate, I had some fun with it, and it turn out my future is not as bright as I would have hoped so, but, well, at least I haven't gotten ripped by some gypsy lady! Long live the future!

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