100000 Dollar Pyramid

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Work your mind and win

100000 Dollar Pyramid is a trivia quiz game which is based on the famous game show which ran on television for many years. The show was so exciting that it won around 9 Emmy Awards and this game version of the show is quite its parallel. The graphics are attractive and the questions that are put in are quite competitive to test one's ability and knowledge. You are given a pyramid which shows different categories. You have to select the category and then you will have to guess seven words in thirty seconds. The words are based on the category that you select and if you succeed, you will reach the winner's circle where you will play for the grand prize. It's more of an indulging game rather than a fun pursuit but still it's quite a fun for those who are the intellectual type. In the winner circle, you will be given clues from which you will have to guess the category in about 60 seconds. If you succeed, you get the grand prize, but it's not so easy because some of the questions are quite obscure. It's a great time killer for quiz lovers and really keeps them stuck on their seat until they win the prize. If you want to go for an even tougher quiz, you can try it's successor The $100,000 Pyramid (2001).

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