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DOS version of an Atari prototypical strategy

Universe (1987) is mostly a relic of a game, by today's standards, a game that was a strategy meant to be played on the Atari consoles. Yes, not exactly the first one, the 2600, later ones, that were a little bit more powerful, but even so, this is not the game that showcases the graphical oomph of the era! So, a few of the game's core gameplay elements are delivered via text based inputs, and what is not delivered that way is generally pretty insignificant to the game. For instance, you select a number of units to produce by directly typing in the number, when the right prompt is in view. It's definitely not the kind of interface that you'd love to use, day in day out, but it works fine. And, when graphical content is displayed it's minimal, mostly lines and text and numbers. So, give this one a go only if you want to see a very early day game in the strategy realm, that was meant for consoles. Consoles were never really that great for strategy games, but in this mid 80s era they were at least trying something! Else, for a playable oldie, download M.A.X!

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