Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

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A Necessary Tool

I'll confess, maybe I'm a little bit biased. I like to write, so I wanted to write well. Having a good program to drill you in your practice sessions and being able to measure out your improvement, was a big deal to me. I learned the old fashioned way, doing drills for two minutes, counting up errors and dividing, while using a typewriter. The computerized version was a wonderful upgrade. It did all the timing and calculating for me in a fraction of the time. I watched over time as my speed and accuracy increased, I was pretty proud of myself. Being able to type well is only going to become more important as the world gets more and more integrated with computers. Many office jobs require employees to have the ability to type at a certain rate of words per minute. Being able to type quickly and accurately also had the advantage of being less reliant on short form and “1337 speek.” You will be more easily understood, and have the benefit of being better able to communicate your point. Typing is a valuable skill that once you learn, the muscle memory will never really leave you. Everyone should learn how to type. That's what Mavis Beacon can do for you.

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