Freedom Fighters

Action 2003 Windows Electronic Arts 3D action adventure Role playing Indie Violent

Well-designed and addictive

Freedom Fighters is a third-person shooter game released in 2003 by Electronic Arts. Well, I liked this game very much but I have one complain: it was too short! You play as Chris Stone, whose mission is to set free the people in New York from the Soviet Union enemies that invaded the city. One of his primary tasks involves the salvation of his brother, Troy. The gameplay based on the fantastic action offers you the possibility to use a large selection of weapons, such as pistol, revolver, assault rifle, sub machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenades, Molotov cocktails, high explosives and so forth. As you advance, you will be able to improve your commanding abilities, controlling more and more the fighters from your team. The orders towards your squad imply guarding and exploring areas, or annihilating enemies. In case they die, you can save their lives with a medikit, but don't waste too much of it, because you also have to live! Everything in this game is designed carefully and in a professional way, from the graphics, the control, the presentation, to the music and sound effects. It is difficult, but it will surely not exhaust or annoy you, because it has that proper balance. Don't miss this addictive game and download it right away!

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