Fighters Kyodotai

Action 2001 Windows Beat em up

Some real good action

If you love action, then this 2d action game will certainly drive you crazy because it's sheer action and a lot of fun. The game involves dozens of different characters from famous Japanese animation series and manga series like Doraemon, Pandora crisis, Drongonball Z etc. The hero characters that are there in the game have been designed quite well and they perform their distinct and special moves very clearly. You will find characters that will race to you and will hit you with about 10 hits before you even know what happened. Beginners might not like the toughness but for veteran gamers this game is pure action with competition. What counts the most in these games are the controls and the good thing with this game is that the controls are very smooth, responsive and they have been synced well with the moves of all the characters. This means that you can do all the action instantly without lag or difficulty. In terms of the graphics the game is not that good but still the animations are quite decent. This fan made game is very well designed and good enough to add to your collection. If you are not convinced with this one, then Metal Blade will surely convince you.

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