Fur Fighters

Action 2000 Windows Acclaim Platformer 3D

Adventure platformer with a diverse cast of cartoon animals

This game is a definite nod to the 64 bit era Nintendo 3D platformers. So, if you've ever given Banjo Kazooie a go on the Nintendo 64 console or say, one of the later Mario games, then you will know what to expect from this game. Of course, this is not a mindless rip off, not at all, the game is quite original in its offering and it has enough diversity to keep you invested for hours at a time. Therefore, if you ever wanted to try out a game that combined storytelling cut scenes with platforming bonanza, while keeping the graphical style somewhere in the realm of childishness, with Fur Fighters you can get exactly that, easy and straightforward. The characters themselves are really interesting, as they're always got something snide to talk, sort of going in and out of their way to hurt one another in ways that are more or less fun to watch. But, like some animal Bundy family they end up sticking out for each other in the end. Which is why you'll love this soap opera-ish game that is politically incorrect, packs fun platforming elements and sports ok graphics, as I said reminiscent of the 64 bit consoles era.

Epic stuff

I've been playing this since I was little and I still play it today. I have all versions of this game and it's amazing. Everyone should play ths game! I've never been bored with it ever, I love it so freaking much they should make a new one on 360/PS3! Epic stuff right here, don't doubt it till you try it!

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