Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough

Action 2003 Windows Aspyr Media Shooter War Military FPS

I want to break through!

The Medal of Honor series of WWII first person shooters proved to be a pretty decent rival to the original Call of Duty franchise and which offered some intense historical shooting action which proved very memorable. This one isn't quite as good as Infiltrator but it's not far off and if you have any interest in such games, this is well worth picking up, although you will need the base game of Allied Assault in order to play it. Th essential gameplay which makes the series so compelling is largely intact here, and you'll find yourself in the shoes of Sgt. John Baker who makes his way through World War II and whose travels take him from North Africa to Italy in a decent selection of all new levels. The gameplay remains the familiar first person shooting action that we've come to know and love, with a range of missions that find you escorting tanks, meeting up with spies and all the usual sort of over the top stuff that makes these things so good. And as far as it goes, Breakthrough is highly enjoyable stuff. It doesn't break from the template set down by its predecessors all that much, but that isn't really a bad thing and anyone expecting anything radically new is probably a little delusional. The visuals actually hold up very well today, with some well designed and highly atmospheric levels and environments which do a great job of immersing you in the period. The sound design is equally well done, further adding to the sense of immersion, while the action is taut and exciting, just as it should be. All in all, a fine addition to a fine series.

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