Adventure 1983 Dos Dosbox Capital PC Text based

Space shooter; destroy Megator`s space army!

Galaxytrek is a pretty cool, well developed space shooter, one that did a pretty decent job with the recipe, even in spite of the fact that, the graphics building blocks were the ASCII character set. So, as you can imagine this is not a visual journey, as much as it is a journey into exploring what can be done with the space shooting genre. And, for the most part Galaxytrek does a great job of it all. It's got the single enemies, the waves of enemies, and so on. With the upgrade system one might sort of feel a little underwhelmed, but, for the most part you won't be overwhelmed by the enemy fire. So, it works, and it works properly, which is just what one might come to expect from a game such as this one. Furthermore, Galaxytrek is a game that is long enough, with over 8 levels, and about the same number of bosses. So, with that in mind, Galaxytrek is a cool, worthy game, that will certainly offer you the perfect blend of shooting, dodging and so on; it works flawlessly, and it does a great job of it all. So, all in all, worth looking into, if you like space shooting and want something a little more complex than, say, Galaxian.

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