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The original text based adventure with hints

Infocom was one of the largest developers of text based adventure games, and this was achieved by producing both a lot of game, but also by producing diverse and intriguing adventures. Another plus to their line of text based adventures was the parser, the manner in which the natural language commands were interpreted, which was very sturdy and was a lot more easy to get used to. But, even so, many found it difficult to play such games, mostly because the player could easily get lost. Thus, the repackaging of these games in the Solid Gold version tried to tackle this problem by including within the games a set of hints, that made playing a lot easier, especially for new players to the genre. At any rate, in Planetfall, you play as a janitor that manages to escape unharmed from the debris of a starship that had been caught in a disaster. And thus, the game starts on a planet that seems to be mainly desert. From there on you have to make your way through and, with a bit of luck escape it. Thus, Planetfall (Solid Gold) is a Sci Fi game that doesn't mind taking itself less seriously, as there is humor in it, much in the style of the Space Quest series. But, nevertheless, the game has its own identity and its own feel and even lesser fans of text based adventures will find it both easier to sink into as well as well produced.

Scary text based adventure ion an alien planet

Planetfall manages to capture the excitement of its setting really well, with nice, often time quite verbose descriptions of the locales, but it gets the tone right more often than not. The starship Stellar Patrol will be your initial starting point, but later on your adventure will take you very different places, as the ship manages to blow and you escape in a pod with seconds to spare. Later on, you will adventure on the planet where you've crash landed, and there you'll be caught in lots of survival situations, and will have to solve all sort of puzzles. So, with a nice, story, with a challenging but not too obtuse set of puzzles and good overall hints, the game manages to create an equilibrated experience. Fans of the genre will find that graph paper is not an absolute necessity for this one, though a journal might help at times, or rather, a good walkthrough. But, if you're really experienced, this game will surely offer you a great deal of fun, to keep your imagination working full tilt until the very end.

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