CHAMP Galaxia

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Vertical shooter Space combat Aliens invasion

Addictive oldies

If during the 80s you were a customer of arcades, you sure remember CHAMP and all its variant. Galaxian is a classic arcade shooter game which renders a great deal of fun and is addictive from the world go. The theme in the game is that you will command and control a ship to destroy the ship of the alien enemies. The classic shooting action in the game is not boring or simple because you have a very good A1 on offer which makes the enemies quite tough to counter and shoot. The enemy ship will attack you in waves and when a wave is destroyed, a flag will be signaled for this confirmation. You have to dodge the enemy ships and then bring them in line so that you can shoot them out. The level design in the game is very unique and the graphics are crystal clear and smooth. The fine-tuned graphics in the game are very well define in the action of the game. The controls are simply awesome because they are effectively responsive and are not so simple as well. Every wave of enemy ships is tougher than the previous one and this makes the game really competitive. Overall it is sheer fun. You should also try Galaxian which is another addictive game.

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