Evil Genius

Strategy 2004 Windows Rebellion Real time Isometric Role Playing Managerial

The evil conqueror of the world simulator!

You just cannot not love the premise of this game! You are a little bastard of a world dominator type, which through means of building an underground fortress, is looking to take over the world. Oh, but as you'll learn in the course of the campaign it's not as easy as it sounds. You have to train your minions, to create contraptions and to test them, to avoid being detected and to avoid other economical and other types of hurdles. Yap, life is hard, especially for you who want nothing but to take over the world. What a nice goal to have, hehe! But, unfortunately, our Taking Over the World simulator is not lacking of some issues. Some of these issues stem from the actual design of the game, which, the developers themselves deemed a little rushed. It's basically the interface, which isn't the most easy to learn out there, so, with that in mind you're going to have to be patient with it, as the game can actually be lots of fun. It's definitely a modern take on Dungeon Keeper, a less darkly one, esthetically, as the European, clean cartoonish style of the game looks like it's been stolen from an Austin Powers movie.

Yes, being evil may be fun!

Haven't you always wished a game where you would play as an evil protagonist and your only being is to take over the world? Well, Evil Genius is the game for you. It has all the things that you're looking for. Not many game companies tried to capitalize on evil protagonists, another game where you play as an evil character is Overlord. Evil Genius is an addicting and fun game. You're basically an evil genius (like the title suggests), who builds a base on a remote island under a mountain and protecting it from pesky enemy agents that will be sent out to investigate the island. The way of building your base reminds of the way of building your dungeon in Dungeon Keeper. Once you have established your base, you can train new minions and even sending them around the world to do various things, like a robbing a bank/museum, blowing something up, stealing from the military etc. These task not only can catch the attention of different agencies that will send out agents to stop you, but even catch the attention of other crime lords that you can form alliances with.I could stay all day writing about the game, but it is best if you go play the game. You would have hours of fun with it. If you ever happen to come across a copy, don't think and buy right away. It's a must have!

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