Gary Grigsby's War in Russia

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars

Eastern front war game covering the 41 to 45 WWI theater

The Gary Grigsby's War in Russia game is a serious top down war game, selectively allowing you to take place in some of the most interesting theaters of war in Eastern Russian during 1941 to 1945. This includes aerial strikes, panzer and troupes deployment with all the necessary precautions: setting up provision routes, making sure your soldiers are equipped properly, down to the ammunition supplies that they have. But as all strategists know, it's not only in the way your army it's equipped, it's also the way it is deployed, where it is settled and the manner in which the attacks are corroborated. The game makes it relatively easy for you to control large arrays of units over vast expenses of territory, and thus, the crucial portion of the game is unveiled: knowing where to position your infantry, how to reinforce it with aerial support and with armored vehicles. As you would expect the game allows you to rewrite the history of the actual events, or to see how they were enacted originally, with a good depth for the economical and strategic elements combined. Plus, the map is highly readable, your commands and controls are simple to use and at the ready with a minimum of tabletop/turn based strategy under your helm. So, certainly, for couch historians and commanders, you will find this game quite pleasing and well polished enough to be worth a go.

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