Gary Grigsby's Pacific War

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars

WWII Japanese front conflict wargame

Gary Grigsby's Pacific War wants to recreate the armed conflict that took place during the WWII in the Japanese Empire, the British invasion, the Netherlands, New Zeeland and more. Thus, the main game offers you the entire map of the north of Aleutians towards the North American Coast, which is quite beefy, given that the game was released in 1992. Gameplay wise you get a nice mix of turn based tactics with some other elements that are common to war games, thus wrapping this game really nicely in a single, interesting blend. In term of available units you will also be happy to know that everything from the combat ships, to destroyers and everything in between is captured and represented on the hexagonal grid of the game. Unlike, say, World War II: Battles of South Pacific, you will be happy to know that this game is still played even today, in 2013. Mainly because of its impressively sized map, but also because of the care with which the historical realities were ported in the game. Also, you have access to planes and submersibles. Depending on the “weight” of each individual unit, some of them will be represented individually while others will be represented symbolically, as you would expect. At any rate, the meta game, or the higher hierarchical game is a very precarious one, given the size of the map and the fact that you are always in need of some reinforcements. So, finding adequate solutions to the field problems will take some getting used to, though, the game is not as harsh on beginners as one would suspect.

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