War Eagles

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Cosmi Corporation Flight World Wars Military flight

Low budget, low fi, 8bit era flight sim

In War Eagles you will be able to pilot a few of the staple aircrafts of the WWI, in about 5 missions pertaining to the British and about the same amount pertaining to the German. Therefore, this isn't your sandbox flying game in which you can do as you please: your missions are set in each and every mission and you have to accomplish them to move on. Fail a mission and it's back to the loading screen, where you can attempt the mission again. Compared to the Red Baron game of the same era this one is similar graphically, but, without doubt a lot less diverse. Th good point is that that the game is quite relaxing. Big portions of the missions are just about flying towards the objective, and the slow pace of the plane and the lack of many obstacles (artillery from the ground, other planes to tackle in dogfights, etc) make portions of these few missions very Zen, very relaxing. Of ocurse that can change in an instant so after you familiarize yourself with the way the sequences of action are coded, you'll begin to know when to get ready for action. Of course, if you resist the monotonous minutes until the action starts. So, if you are ok with 8bit era flight sim graphics, sure, go for it. The game will be over sooner than you think and the lack of diversity won't make it a game you will return to, over and over again, but for the duration it will be a good deal of fun to be had with it.

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