War of the Lance

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy

Barebones fantasy strategy game

The game is one of the first to tackle massive fights in a kind of prototypical tabletop environment. However, most of the interaction and the interfaces are text and numbers based, so don't expect too much in the realm of graphical clashes. Interestingly enough the title adapts the Dungeons and Dragons rule set to this larger number of combatants, and it manages a decent job really, putting as much emphasis on luck as well as on good strategic planning. The game features mostly tactical elements, though it also simulates a few other elements, economic and higher hierarchical strategic option, but the main focus is on organizing troupes and the fights. Today, the number crunching that the game battles feel like will most likely underwhelm most players, who have had long periods of time to be spoiled by more graphically adept games. Therefore, it will really take a special kind of gamer to accept the limitations of this game's interfaces and very reductionist fights. But, if you like exploring the titles that led to the development of game styles, this game will do a great job at showcasing the beginnings of war gaming. So, be warned, don't expect a graphic fest with this game.

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