RPG 1995 Dos Dosbox William O. Cain Anime Adventure style

A simple puzzler based on the idea of navigating a maze

In GemWorld, just like in a game of the Zelda era, you are a top down explorer of simple, top down mazes; however, they are not as large as in Zelda, but rather smaller, made of just a few tiles, and the goal that you have in each level is to uncover the gems. With each level you get a number of gems hidden in the bushes and in the areas around. So, while graphically alright, the game never gets out of its way to create some unique environments; thus, it's not a game that will be for those that have already gotten used to the 16 bit look of some of those games. Nope, this is low fi 8bit all around, and, all in all, it looks pretty cool. At the very least though, the game has loads of levels. Also, what is cool about the game is that you can play it in short installments or in longer, larger one. So, if you like puzzle games that also feel a bit like a top down role playing game. More than anything though, GemWorld is great for relaxing, which is the main area where the game excels. Else, download Aspeta a similar feel game, but this one is delivered in sidescroller 2D. At any rate, both of them are pretty playable.

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