Live a Live

RPG 1994 Nintendo SquareSoft Top down Anime

A SNES like Square Soft RPG; Zelda meets Final Fantasy

Live a Live is a top down, Japanese themed RPG, with a great graphical theme and with a battles engine that will remind you of the older Final Fantasy titles of yore. It's a beautiful RPG in which the plot line consists of 9 different smaller threads of narrative, told by different characters. Thus, you have to make up your own mind, who is telling the truth and who is not, and find your own way of considering the story. But, with that said, Live a Live is quite a lite RPG, cute, with nice animations and nice, well rounded action and a diverse map, that won't put you under a psychological strain, even if it is a game that isn't all about light and flowers and rainbows, as the graphics would suggest. So, each chapter is dedicated to a different story. Some of them are more Sci Fi, while others are rather classic fantasy themed, more Zelda like. But each chapter is very beautiful to play through, with a nice combination of exploration as well as a good dose of action and adventure. So, play it if you crave a game that can be played in short episodes, and that has that top down 16bit style look of older RPGs.

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