Bahamut Lagoon

RPG 1996 Nintendo Squaresoft Fantasy Anime

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JRPG with a Pokemon like component

Bahamut Lagoon is another game released by Square Soft, the company which also produced the famed Final Fantasy Series. The game offers you pretty much the same recipe as the Final Fantasy games, you roam around trying to fulfill your quest of the moment while doing battle with a lot of different opponents. Different from the FF series, you don't wage battles in a different turn based screen. However, while this element is missing, there is a new one that is just as exciting which combines tamagotchi like growing of a Dragon wit training of the said animal in more of a Pokemon like style. Bahamut Lagoo looks as it should – it's a more modern version of the 8 bit look that was made popular by the release of the SNES (Super Entertainment System) system on which the game was released on originally. The game can be a bit frustrating at times, mostly because it features richer environments in which it is easier to get lost, on one had because the drawn area is smaller but also because there is no minimap to use as reference. So, overall, the game is playable but it has its flaws. Those that look action packed JRPGs will find this game quite fulfilling but others might get too frustrated by the more sprawling environments which are often full of enemies that can't even be dodged or whose trajectories can't always be determined with sufficient accuracy to determine whether to engage them or to avoid them.

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