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Get busy adventuring

If you like your RPGs old-school and Zelda style, then Aspetra might be right up your alley and it makes for a crackingly entertaining bit of adventuring. The story is the usual fantasy-style nonsense but is endearing enough, while the exploration and action are entertaining and rarely less than enjoyable. This one revolves a hero who emerges from a cloud (as you do) only to find himself caught up in a complex plot to rescue a captured village elder. However, this is just the start of an epic adventure which takes the hero, and the player, on a massive journey through the world, battling strange creatures, solving puzzles and of course vanquishing evil. The game is played out in traditional fashion, mixing between exploring the overworld sections and venturing into dungeons, populated by nasty beasts. The combat is played out in turn-based fashion, with options to attack, run or use an item, with the appearance of magic later on in the game. In traditional RPG fashion, you earn experience points and level up as you successfully defeat your enemies, while the expected shops where you can buy gear and items also rears its head. In many ways Aspetra is a very familiar little game but it carries enough charm and personality that you can overlook any shortcomings in this department, especially as Zelda-style games are a comparative rarity. The visuals are lovely, with appealing sprites and environments, while the combat and exploration are well handled and highly enjoyable. The story too is quite engaging so really, if you like this sort of thing, you can't go far wrong here.

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