Geneforge 4

RPG 2001 Windows Spiderweb Software Isometric Adventure style Indie Strategy

Fantastic fantasy sequel

The GeneForge series of fantasy RPGs is a generally fine one that impresses with its complex storyline and open-ended gameplay, so if you're a fan of classic adventures like Baldur's Gate, there's much to enjoy here. The world of GeneForge has been well developed over the course of the series, and the players finds themselves thrust into a land torn apart by conflict and which has complex issues of genetic manipulation at its heart. If you want to get the most out of the plot, you'd be advised to start at the beginning, as otherwise you're likely to get confused, but here you play a rebel who has been chosen for genetic manipulation but who is not ready to go easily. The gameplay here is similar to the other games, and titles like the Ultima series, being an isometric RPG with turn-based battles. The big draw here, as with the others, is the open-ended gameplay, where you can roam largely at will, and the extensive dialogue options which open up things even more and provide some interesting moral dilemmas. This really is a superb slice of old-school RPGing that people just can't seem to get right now. It has a wonderfully complex plot that keeps you hooked from start to finish, with memorable locations and characters to encounter, while the sheer range of options is impressive. The visuals are pretty decent, with some nice character and environment work, and really help to create the sense of a living, breathing world. All in all, this is a top notch adventure that deserves to be played.

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