Ultima Collection

RPG 1997 Windows Dosbox Electronic Arts Medieval

Best collection ever?

Now this is truly the definition of value. What you have here is perhaps the greatest collection of RPGs that contains enough adventuring action to keep you playing for literally years. This is a franchise which stands as one of the true legends of the industry and should take its place in the collection of any RPG fan alongside games from the Wizardry and Bard's Tale franchises. What you have here is each of the first eight games in the series, the two add-ons for part VII, plus the original Aklabeth which is the precursor the entire series. The games themselves are relatively similar, being classic old-school adventures, where you create a character (in one of the industry's most in-depth and rewarding systems) before embarking on some truly epic adventures in the land of Britannia and beyond. Along the way, you'll battle monsters, find loot, explore towns and all the other things you get up to in these sorts of things, with most of being done with huge amounts of style. If you're into old-school gaming, then you really need to pick this up to experience how things used to be. The earlier games obviously look a little dated and crude, but retain the essential gameplay which ensures they are still enjoyable today. Of the later entries, VII is perhaps the best, but it's actually pretty difficult to pick a favorite when there's so much gold on display here and whichever game you play, you're in for a great time. The stories are epic in every sense of the word, and the depth and gameplay mechanics combine to make this a truly classic series.

A comprehensive collection of Ultima RPGs

This collection gathered the entire Ultima host of games starting with Akalabeth, and ending with a demo version of Ultima IX, all burned on CDs and sporting some cool extras, maps and other trinkets. The games also featured their entire list of original expansions, and thus, with the expansion of the 3D RPG Ultima IX, it was the collection to have if you were a fan of the genre. Generally, the gameplay mechanics and the graphics of later series are better, but the same overhead camera RPG with an emphasis on party based adventuring is featured throughout the series, with the exception of the last game in the series, which was a bad 3D action role playing game which looked and felt more like a bad Gothic clone. So there you have it, take your pick!

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