RPG 1993 Nintendo DataEast Isometric Turn based Adventure style

Unique and compelling RPG

An adaptation of the tabletop role-playing game of the same name, this is a hard-edged cyberpunk thriller that incorporates action, real-time strategy and RPG elements to create a well-crafted and compelling experience that was undoubtedly ahead of its time. The complex plot finds protagonist Jake Armitage, an ordinary data courier, being gunned down by a shadowy death-squad. However, after he survives the attack, he becomes caught up in bizarre conspiracy where fantasy creatures like orcs and vampires mix with the futuristic world of 2050 and where guns are just as potent weapons as magic and spells. What follows is an enthralling adventure through a well realised world that requires to complete quests, engage in action-oriented combat and interact with various NPCs to uncover the truth behind mystery. The game plays out in 3D isometric perspective, with Jake also able to enter cyberspace to gain money with which to hire mercenaries to back him up. Although not for everyone, Shadowrun is an undeniably important game and fuses many distinct elements to create an experience which has proved highly influential and which remains popular today. While complex, with a twisting plot and challenging combat, for fans of RPGs like Final Fantasy or Fallout, this is a must play. There is much to explore here and the world is both unique and fascinating, with numerous unusual characters to meet and exciting environments to discover. There is a lot of depth on display here too, with several innovative mechanics to enhance the gameplay, while the script is intelligent and thought provoking. Anyone after an original gaming experience would be advised to check this out.

Good Sci Fi/Fantasy RPG with a crime infused backbone

In Shadowrun you will play in a far 2050 (or 2075 for later patched versions) future, in the world known as the Sixth World. The world is full of mythological creatures that belong in a fantasy catalogue, but the world itself has more to do with Sci Fi, as the scenery depicted borrows a lot from steam punk than other genres. The game is thus interesting both for Sci Fi fanatics as well as fantasy buffs. In terms of gameplay, Shadowrun plays as your regular RPG though. You get to choose your race at the beginning, from orcs, trolls, elves, dwarves and a few other races, combinations of the ones states beforehand. The game sports nice, steam punk themed graphics for the setting as well as NPCs and monsters, and it has a good balance of different backdrops, so you never really get bored with it. Thus, Shadowrun is without a doubt a remarkable game, and a title that sure is worth playing. Give it a try if you are interested in a novel story/setting style, a combination of fantasy with Sci Fi.

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